Offices and Network in Middle East
Geoscope has established sales offices in the UAE, Qatar and Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia combined with fully equipped Service & Calibration labs,
crewed by experienced and factory trained engineers. Over a period of 7
years since its modest beginning, Geoscope has developed excellent
vendors from various parts of the world, and has quality products and
solutions to suit dynamic consumer demands in the Middle East Region.

Products & Solutions
Geoscope offers a wide range of high end and sophisticated Land Surveying
equipment containing GPS, GNSS Solutions, Imaging & Robotic Total
Stations, Optical Total Stations, 3D Laser Scanners and Scanning Software,
Digital Levels, Theodolites and Auto Levels, Construction Laser Levels,
Surveying Accessories and Land Surveying software from very leading
manufacturers in the Land Surveying & Geospatial Technology.

After Sales, Service & Calibration Facility
Geoscope’s Calibration & Service Facilities are fully equipped with high
precision Master equipment and tools. All the works within the Lab are
executed in controlled environment and performed by Certified and trained
engineers supported by skilled technicians, under experienced
management. Geoscope ensures all customer needs are met with promptly
and as per quality requirement. All Calibrated & Repaired equipment are
accompanied with a Detailed Calibration Certificate that includes
Engineer’s name, date of calibration, Recommended Date for Next

Surveying Projects & Services
Geoscope plays a key role in taking up surveying projects and specialized
services, involving various stages from design to as built from early planning
stages through completion in compliance with the regulations. Geoscope
Surveying Projects Team includes licensed Geodetic Engineers, Experienced
Land Surveyors and Processing Team. The Project works are undertaken by
Geoscope Team and are executed in top quality with competent
workmanship, including use of high end and sophisticated Land Surveying
& Geospatial Equipment from top class brands like Trimble, Spectra
Precision, Ashtech, Leica, Nikon & Faro.

Surveying Equipment Rental Solutions
Geoscope offers their attractive Rental Solutions Basket ranging from
Digital Levels, Optical & Laser Total Stations, Mid-range & High Range GPS
Systems, and 3D Laser Scanners at very competitive pricing and flexible
terms combined with site support and training.

Onsite Training & Technical Support for Customers
Geoscope, in addition to all above, offers high quality and top notch onsite
& classroom based product and application based training to all their clients
in both models: Pre-sales and Post Sales. In Geoscope, the Support Team
ensures all their clients are trained to the maximum extent to enable them
to deliver high productivity and quality work to their construction and
survey projects.